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Lease Consultancy

Rent Reviews, Lease Renewals & Break Clause Removal

Strong analytical, technical and professional skills combined with practical, business-minded and unique negotiating skills leads to effective results. In this regard we have an

acknowledged reputation for settling rent reviews and lease renewals promptly on behalf of landlords.

We work alongside specialist providers who can also represent in Arbitration, Independent Expert Determinations and Court Hearings if any disagreement cannot be settled bilaterally.

We also have experience in removing break clauses from leases by negotiating and compromising with the tenant in other areas. In the current market, lenders and investors assume tenants will exercise any break clause, reducing that property’s value.

Dilapidations & Schedules of Conditions

Dilapidations are accrued repairs and renewals over a period of a lease. At the end of the lease it is important that the property is handed back to the Landlord in the condition as defined by the lease terms, or, that adequate compensation is paid in lieu of carrying out works.

To achieve this the usual procedure is, following an analysis of the lease, related documentation and detailed property inspection, to prepare a Dilapidations Schedule setting out the Landlord’s position.

We work with expert Chartered Surveyors to ensure that the optimum solution is reached within a minimal timeframe and inconvenience to our client.

Equally, at the commencement of a lease the Landlord may wish to commission a Schedule of Condition to accurately record the condition of the property supported by referenced photographs and sketches for the avoidance of any doubt.

Lease & Title Plans

After the Land Registration Act 2002 came into force in October 2003, new leases of 7 years or more, or existing leases sold with 7 years or more unexpired must be registered with Land Registry along with a Compliant Lease Plan. We provide high quality lease plans, visiting the site, taking dimensions and providing an Ordnance Survey location map with the plans in the format that you need (CAD, PDF or paper).

Land Registry Title Plans are based on the Ordnance Survey maps. We can prepare a Title plan or update old ones and also show removed parts from a title plan to another title

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